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We aim for a revolutionizing aesthetic therefore we are in a continuous search for the latest medical discoveries.

Hair Transplant

Our clinic provides scientific treatments with proven advantages on hair and skin based on the individual’s wants and needs.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

Treatments such as fillers and peels can provide patients with outstanding results. Let’s explore these Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments together.

Eye Surgery

Health revolution has proven its efficiency one more time by providing eye treatments that cures any optic dysfunction such as myopiahypermetropia and astigmatism or for Aesthetic reasons like eye coloring changing and squint surgery.

Obesity Surgery

We are programmed to find faults in our bodies every time we look at a mirror. Usually, this is quite normal since there are many people who look much better than us. So even if there are others that look worse than us, we compare ourselves with our betters.

Dental Aesthetics

Dental surgery is a general term for a variety of medical treatments involving the gums and teeth. Root canals, implants and wisdom tooth extraction are examples of these procedures.

Plastic Surgery

Human faces are the key when it comes to looking good and attractive. People prefer to have a more defined face structure to look handsome or pretty.


In terms of hair transplantation, the most essential thing to know about the procedure is that it is completely safe when conducted by a qualified doctor.However, itching, redness, and sensitivity are short-term and temporary adverse effects of hair transplantation.


The answer is yes. As part of a hair transplant operations, surgeons developed special techniques in order for you to transfer your natural hair grafts to balding parts of your head. For this reason, the effects of a hair transplant last for a long time. After the healthy hair follicles are placed into the balding or thinned regions, hair transplants last a lifetime in most situations.


Wearing hats or other head ornaments are not good for your head for at least a week. If it is necessary for you to wear one, you can wear a loose hood or soft hat. Your doctor will tell you on the best sort of head covering to wear.


Hair transplantation is the most successful when performed in a reputable clinic with an experienced doctor and skilled health workers. The success rate also depends on the degree of hair loss, as well as the state of your donor region and the sort of operation you want. Candidates undergoing hair transplantation might expect a success rate of up to 95% from a specialist with adequate expertise and abilities. 90 to 95 percent of FUE hair transplants are successful. Using Sapphire DHI, hair transplants have a survival percentage of more than 95%


Natural-looking transplanted hair is the result of careful preparation and execution. Factors such as hair growth pattern, front hairline, and volume of the transplanted follicles are critical to attaining more natural results in hair transplantation.


It is highly recommended to not go to pools or the sea after the hair transplant. As a result of our exposure to chlorinated or salty waters, your grafts will be at risk. Be aware that chlorine water damages hair follicles and scalp, causing dryness and irritation, as well as removing natural oils that preserve hair.


Rather than damaging newly planted hair follicles by applying fresh dye too fast, it’s best to wait a bit longer. The ideal thing to do following hair transplantation is to wait as long as your doctor prescribes it.


The process of determining the forehead line is a very sensitive process. So, how is the forehead line determined in hair transplantation? For those who do not like the width of the forehead, they can go for a forehead narrowing. The people who want to capture an aesthetic image may request a better line for their face. In hair transplantation, the forehead line is your starting point so it must be perfect for your face. For a beautiful appearance, your doctor will draw the forehead line according to certain criteria. One of these criteria is to determine the line connected to the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a concept that helps you to catch the harmony of the pieces so that you look more beautiful. Another criterion is to determine the forehead line according to the ratio of 1 in 3 according to your face ratio. This is important for a proportional face. Mathematically, it will make your face look more beautiful. The last detail is your age. Determining a forehead line according to your age will preserve your naturalness. It is also essential to do a deep research, especially about the hair transplant specialist you’ll choose!


Non-surgical aesthetic procedures are rather simple operations. They take half an hour at most.


Prices change depending on the procedure and your desires. Contact us if you want to know more about the prices.


These operations do not require any downtime. You can return to your normal life right away.

One of the most asked questions about hair transplantation is whether the transplanted hair will fall out. After a successful procedure, you may experience shock hair loss and wonder if you will go bald. However, these are the necessary and natural processes for the newly transplanted hair to adapt to the head. The hair starts to fall out because of the shock effect; this process takes a short time. Then, new healthy hair grows from the roots that are slowly planted in place of the shed hair. There is no need to worry about this process. Lost hair will grow back. These newly grown hairs are your permanent hair and will continue to be with you for a long time.

Your new hair grows and fills your thin and balding areas. New hair grows and reaches the same length and texture as your existing hair. Hair follicles transplanted into your scalp are permanent; they will accompany you for the rest of your life. However, like other hair follicles on your scalp, transplanted hair follicles have a growth limit. As time passes, they may stop forming as much hair as they used to. This is a result that usually occurs as we age. In most cases, a hair transplant continues for a long time and then stops growing like natural hair. You will always have some hair on your head for the rest of your life.

The healing process may vary depending on the method used after hair transplantation, but the criteria to be applied and avoided are almost the same. After the operation, cigarettes and alcohol should not be consumed. After the operation, redness and crusting are common side effects. You should remember it is a normal reaction, you should wait without touching the scalp. After the reddening process, the crusting process comes, which signals the beginning of the healing phase. Shock spills happen after some time passes. It does not mean that your hair is not holding or that the process was unsuccessful. Do not worry, the hair follicles are safe and healthy; after between 3 and 5 months, this phase will pass and permanent hair will begin to grow. Remember, hair transplantation is a process that manifests its success in 1-1.5 years.

It is the goal of hair transplantation to encourage hair growth. In addition, they are useful in treating a wide range of hair baldness conditions. However, they may not be able to prevent future hair loss in other locations. You may require the following transplants for lasting outcomes.


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